"Sex" is a self reflection on the world of internet dating, the nature of intimacy, confusion, and self worth.

As per the themes, this game is NSFW! It contains themes of Sex, you have been warned.

Thank you for playing!


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The insecurity, realization and idealisation, bittersweet side of lust or love ... those are written elegantly in this short story :')

Thank you... it's been too long since I've written anything like this, I need to get some more vulnerable stuff out of my head and heart soon <3

So ah...it's giving me an error...which says it may be due to a bug in the twine game engine is there a fix on your end or is it more of a problem like with my computer

Huh, I've never ran into that before but I can look into it and see if it's anything I can fix. @o@ thank you for bringing attention to it though. I'm sorry ti wasn't working for you :c


Right no problem...might be my computer though cause it's happened with a few things so far...though of course could be the game engine like it says in which case...not sure who could fix that

So it appears to still be a problem but my only hope now is no one else is having the same issue shame I can't play though

Hi, I've tried looking into it but I haven't had much luck :/ if you want, could you maybe screenshot the error and send it to me? My twitter is @nykanykanyka if that helps!


Sadly I don't have a twitter but I can provide what it says simply through a message...at least as best I can XD